Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TR Knight's Lost Dr. Pepper Commercial

Long ago, before the fame of Grey's Anatomy, the actors we have all come to love were simply struggling actors waiting for their big break. As a result, there can be some very embarrassing clips roaming around on the internet. As we've already established, Chyler Leigh (Lexie Grey) starred in a low budget movie in which the script called for her to kiss her co-star, who also happened to be her brother. Katherine Heigl was in a cutesy Disney movie called Wish Upon a Star in which she had a short bob and wore blue eyeshadow. That's right. I said blue eyeshadow. And now, I've discovered that our beloved TR Knight (Dr. O'Malley) starred in a Diet Dr. Pepper commercial. And in this commercial he has, wait for it, BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS! Good god, I just can't take it. If you think you can stomach it, here's the clip.

Oh, TR Knight. I promise to love you, even in your blondest moment. But, for shame. Really.

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